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04/10/18 Under the Kansas Open Records Act or KORA, I'm requesting any and all documents, including STAR b... Innovation/Technology; Finance Todd Kinney
03/29/18 Please provide the annual base salary (and salary range, if applicable) for the County Administra... Finance Kathleen VonAchen
03/28/18 Hi Edwin. I sent some questions below to the state Department of Labor spokesperson.   Im also ... Administration-Public Relations Mike Taylor
03/22/18 Hi Hattie,  I have attached a document regarding building permits that we need help with as well... Building Inspection Greg Talkin
03/20/18 Hi Bridgette, The Kansas City Star had requested records from the Wyandotte County Sheriff's Off... Sheriff Emmett Lockridge
03/16/18 We are conducting a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment at an industrial warehouse facility loc... Building Inspection Greg Talkin
03/15/18 Site: Gray's Park Apartments, 1012 Forest Ct., Kansas City KS 2 Parcels: 208600 (1007-1045 Fores... Fire Natalie Xiong
03/14/18 Provide copies of any currently open or active code compliance, building maintenance or nuisance ... Code Enforcement Greg Talkin
03/13/18 I would like to see all rental license inspection reports of Central Park Towers Complex, 15 N 10... Rental Licensing Greg Talkin
03/13/18 I am requesting a copy of the engineering report that formed the basis for the decision for closi... Bridgette Cobbins
03/07/18 Please Advise if there are any :   Open Code Violations Open Or Expired Building Permits Li... UG Clerk's Office; Code Enforcement Greg Talkin
02/28/18 We are conducting a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment at the Hilton Garden Inn located at 520... Fire; Building Inspection Greg Talkin
02/19/18 Hi, I am requesting the entire bond indenture, in electronic form, for the below listed bond iss... Finance Kathleen VonAchen
02/14/18 Ordinance 40810 (Rosedale), Ordinance 47216 (Rosedale) (Hard copy of request received; see attached) UG Clerk's Office Bridgette Cobbins
02/12/18 I would like a copy of the grant that was submitted to Reach Foundation for the  Unified Govermen... Health Terry Brecheisen
01/30/18 City Clerk's Office City Hall 701 N. 7th St., Suite 323 Kansas City, KS 66101 Attn. Ms. Bridge... Urban Planning and Land Use Robin Richardson
01/17/18 Dear Ms. Cobbins: Please accept this letter as a request, pursuant to the Kansas Open Records Ac... Finance Kathleen VonAchen
01/04/18 I am seeking information regarding your law enforcement department for a wage and compensation su... Human Resources Renee Ramirez
12/04/17 Information regarding property tax abatement or exemption for the Village West Luxury Apartments ... Finance Kathleen VonAchen
11/28/17 I would like veiw Marriage license from Carey Leroy Payne to Barbara Ann  smith Administration-Public Relations Mike Taylor
11/15/17 I would like to know if there are any initiatives, legislation, etc that have passed or are being... Administration-Public Relations Mike Taylor
11/03/17 November 3, 2017   City Planning and Development Department   RE: REQUEST FOR ZONING CONFIRMA... Urban Planning and Land Use Robin Richardson
09/28/17 Hi, Could you please confirm if CUSIP 982673AC9 (Multifamily Housing Revenue Bonds, Series 1998 ... Finance Kathleen VonAchen
07/10/17 Please refer to the KORA Request and Exhibit to same contained in the following Drop box link: ht... Economic Development; Finance Kathleen VonAchen
07/05/17 Pursuant to the Kansas Open Records Act, I am seeking any letter written by UG County Administrat... Legal; Administration Ken Moore
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