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08/25/18 How many Ethics violation complaints has there been in the last 10 years? How many have been pro... Administration Ken Moore
09/25/18 We would like a copy of The KCK chief of polices contract please. We would like a copy of the KC... Administration; Human Resources Renee Ramirez
07/17/18 How was the 3/8 c sales tax presented to the public? Was it offered as a permanent tax or a tempo... Administration; Administration-Public Relations Bridgette Cobbins
08/21/18 I would like the last 5 year salary activity that includes COLA & other raises that have been... Administration Melissa Sieben
09/18/18 We would like to know the details of the sale of the 18th street Sunfresh store to David Ball and... Administration; Economic Development Katherine Carttar
09/18/18 We would like to know the justification, ordinance and who approved Dennis Hays receiving a 141k ... Administration; Human Resources Ken Moore
07/05/17 Pursuant to the Kansas Open Records Act, I am seeking any letter written by UG County Administrat... Legal; Administration Ken Moore
03/28/18 Hi Edwin. I sent some questions below to the state Department of Labor spokesperson.   Im also ... Administration-Public Relations Mike Taylor
11/28/17 I would like veiw Marriage license from Carey Leroy Payne to Barbara Ann  smith Administration-Public Relations Mike Taylor
11/15/17 I would like to know if there are any initiatives, legislation, etc that have passed or are being... Administration-Public Relations Mike Taylor
03/03/17 We are looking to receive a list of the building permits issued for new residential construction ... Building Inspection Greg Talkin
03/16/18 We are conducting a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment at an industrial warehouse facility loc... Building Inspection Greg Talkin
09/13/18 VersaFlex at 686 Adams St, Kansas City, KS - I need to request a zoning verification letter that ... Building Inspection Greg Talkin
02/28/18 We are conducting a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment at the Hilton Garden Inn located at 520... Fire; Building Inspection Greg Talkin
03/22/18 Hi Hattie,  I have attached a document regarding building permits that we need help with as well... Building Inspection Greg Talkin
06/05/17 Please advise if there are any

1) If there are any open code violation
2) Any open or ...
UG Clerk's Office; Code Enforcement; Building Inspection Bridgette Cobbins
08/08/18 Re:       Phase I Environmental Site Assessment Public Records Request             Forest Glen A... Health; Building Inspection Bridgette Cobbins
07/18/18 Hello,  I would like to know if the public buildings in WYCO are in compliance with our codes? <... Building Inspection Greg Talkin
03/15/17 home occuation laws running a home bussiness Business License/Occupational Tax Greg Talkin
03/03/17 We are looking to acquire a listing of commercial electrical permits issued in the county of Wyan... Business License/Occupational Tax Greg Talkin
03/10/17 I am requesting a Zoning Verification Letter as well as copies of any open/unresolved Zoning, Bui... Urban Planning and Land Use; Business License/Occupational Tax Bridgette Cobbins
05/23/17 Any property records, deed, transfer of deed, liens, probate regarding 5 McGrew Grove, 2005-2012.... UG Clerk's Office; Code Enforcement; Register of Deeds Bridgette Cobbins
03/07/18 Please Advise if there are any :   Open Code Violations Open Or Expired Building Permits Li... UG Clerk's Office; Code Enforcement Greg Talkin
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