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Terms and Conditions

For most routine requests, the UG will provide records within three business days. Some records will require more time. Within three business days, the UG must tell you when and how we plan to provide access or copies. Your request may be denied in whole or in part. If the UG denies, it must cite the legal basis for denial. Any denial will be made upon advice of our legal counsel.

KORA requires the UG to provide records that already exist. KORA does not require the UG to create new records, compile special research or statistical reports, or interpret records.

 Associated Charges

Before your records are released, you will be asked to prepay the charges associated with your request. Staff time necessary to comply with request (charged in 15 min increments) will be billed as follows:

  • Administrative $24.83 hour
  • Professional $35.04 hour

In addition to staff time, the following charges will be assessed:

  • 5 printed pages or less: No additional charge
  • 6 printed pages or more: $.25 per page
  • Electronic form data: Base fee of $15.00

The Unified Government may require prepayment if the estimated charge exceeds $25.00. If the full charge exceeds the estimated charge, the difference is due and payable prior to delivery


Prohibited Uses of Public Records

KORA prohibits using lists of names and addresses as a marketing tool except in very limited cases. If you request a public record that has names and addresses on it, the UG may require you to certify that you will not use the names and addresses for any prohibited purposes. If you do not sign the form, the UG will not provide you the records. If you use the names and addresses for any prohibited purpose, you could be subject to a civil penalty of up to $500 for each violation per K.S.A. 45-230. By clicking the "Make Request" button, you agree to these terms.

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The Wyandotte County District Court and the Wyandotte County Register of Deeds do not use NextRequest. The Unified Government is a separate entity and does not have their records. Call the District Court Clerk at (913) 573-2901 or the Office of the Register of Deeds at (913) 573-2841 for information about how to submit requests for records.