Request #20-900

Please provide a Zoning Verification Letter request for the properties mentioned below.

Please provide a copy of the Planned Development regulations that govern this property and if this proposed development will be re-zoned to one zoning.

Please confirm whether or not there are any Current/Open Unresolved Zoning Violations,  Variances, Special or Conditional Use Permits on file and a final approved site plan for the properties mentioned below. Please see attached list of addresses with Parcel numbers and survey for reference.

424 N. 65th Street

424 N. 65th Street

522 N 65th Street

522 N 65th Street

526 N 65th Street

528 N 65th Street

615 N. 69th Street

620 N. 69th Street

631 N 69th Street

643 N 69th Street

1005 N 69th Steet

1011 N 69th Street

6723 State Avenue and 6711 State Avenue

801 State Ave (Southern Portion)

6831 R State Avenue

6855 State Avenue

706 N 69th Street

721 N 69th Street

731 N 69th Street

747 N 69th Street

803 N 69th Street

806 N 69th Street

811 N 69th Street

821 N 69th Street

824 N. 69th Street

829 N 69th Street

901 N 69th Street

907 N 69th Street

915 N 69th Street

921 N 69th Street

927 N 69th Street

935 N 69th Street


Please do not exceed $100.00 in research fee's without prior approval. (Our Ref#138197-1)



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May 1, 2020


Urban Planning and Land Use


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Gunnar Hand

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